Welcome to the Kitsap SAIVS website

Our Mission

It is the mission of Kitsap S.A.I.V.S to coordinate services between community and criminal justice services that protect and serve victims of child abuse, domestic violence and sexual assault.

It is the goal of Kitsap S.A.I.V.S. to establish and maintain a facility that will house a team of professionals who investigate and respond to criminal allegation’s sexual abuse and domestic violence, and who provide the immediate intervention and advocacy to victims of these crimes.

The facility will provide age appropriate waiting and play areas for victims and their families in a location within walking distance for the court house so that it may be utilized by victims during the investigative as well as trial phase of a proceeding

Our Objective

It is the mission of all key participants involved in the investigation and prosecution of child sexual and physical abuse cases, adult sexual abuse allegations and domestic violence to:

  • Ensure the safety of all victims and the public at large
  • Minimize the secondary trauma of all victims and witnesses who are interviewed during the course of an investigation
  • Consistently follow a frame work for coordination and communication among all participants and avoidance of conflicts among participants that may hinder the effectiveness of an investigation.
  • Constantly strive for improvement through training, communication and critical review of current investigative practices
  • Increase the overall reliability of the investigation and
  • Protect the rights and interests of victims, witnesses and suspects

Kitsap SAIVS is a part of the National Children’s Alliance.

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